Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Which is French for "gee whiz I'm tired and it's the end of another long day..."

To be honest, I'm no busier than anyone else, but I recently started a master's degree part-time (online, so lots of reading) and I've slightly lost the will the post. After using the computer all day at work, and then in the evening to study, I don't really feel like posting on my blog. Which is a bit rubbish, but, there you go.

In other news, we got new computers at work. They're ace, except the letter "g" on my keyboard doesn't work very well, so I have to slam it down or risk looking like an illiterate numpty.The presure to spell things right when you're an English teacher, you can't know unless you are one...

I've also developed the need to say "oosha" when I get up from anywhere. It's what old Japanese ladies say when they get up from anywhere, so it's not a welcome development.

On top of that, I keep getting cramp in my feet and hands, it's very annoying, especially when I'm halfway across the pool. Anyone have good advice? I'm already eating more bananas than a chimp.

So that's my life in a nutshell. I didn't get around to telling you about the rest of my trip, which means missing out the bits where I made my brother climb not one but two mountains (Aso san, and the one in Miyajima, but I forgot the name). We really enjoyed both climbs, and used them as the perfect excuse to eat way more okonomiyaki in Hiroshima than is strictly advisable...

So, there you go, worth the wait?

PS Maria- Re your question on my previous post: Yes, Bing is right. Few hot springs will allow you in with a tattoo. At least here in conservative Shikoku. Some places might let you in, or you can take a private bath, where they wouldn't check.


  1. Try gatorade for the cramps. It works for me and I am always cramping up.

  2. Blogging comes in waves....the beaches in Summer are gonna eat into my post count something fierce!!

  3. I'm not sure what to do about the cramps. Does any sort of pill help you?

  4. Hey! I just stumbled on your blog while blog hopping! Don't succumb to sounding like an old lady getting up.

    I feel like when I start school in the fall, I will be losing the will to post, as well. :P Keep with it though, you're an entertaining writer.

    And my advice for muscle cramps is to eat more bananas. But you already have that one down. ;)


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