Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas, it came and went.

It may not be most people's idea of fun, but Christmas morning saw me up and out and running a 10k with friends. Followed by a barbeque with mulled wine and proper sausages from The Meat Guy. Yes, it was toe-curlingly cold, but surprisingly fun, despite me getting lost in the side streets and having to retrace my steps back to the finish line. The upside being that I skipped out the killer hill. Heh heh.

About 30 odd people joined us, proving that Japan is, as suspected, full of crazies. In fact, after I came home to defrost in time to Skype with my brother, a good few people stayed for a while learning how to tighrope walk. No, I don't know why either, but I've heard it's quite hard and a bit like doing yoga.

Never fear, I returned to a more traditional mode by stuffing my belly full of turkey at a friend's house in the evening. Trust an Australian to do it right, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, even home made pudding. Not to mention a lot of wine, and a game involving sticking plasters to people's legs and ripping them off, courtesy of the resident 8 year old (he'd seen it on TV and wanted to try it, his Dad said no, so he waited for unsuspecting guests. It was funnier than I'm making it sound.).

I have said often and loudly that Japanese Christmas is rubbish, KFC and a cream cake doth not a Christmas make, after all. So, it seems, ignoring all Japanese tradition and sticking to the home made stuff is the way to go. I had an awesome Christmas, made more awesome by lovely parcels from home, and more chocolate than anyone could ever need. So now, in our little international home, we will look towards New Year, which is Japanese style. Trip to the temple, some noodles and a lot of oranges seem to be the way to go. I can' wait.


  1. "So, it seems, ignoring all Japanese tradition and sticking to the home made stuff is the way to go. I had an awesome Christmas,"

    Christmas done the way you grew up doing it is much better than Japanese style. After you've done both I think most come to the same conclusion.

    10k on Christmas day? I'm not crazy....but YOU are definitely crazy. ;)

  2. You can afford to hoe into the chocs after after a 10 km run, right :)

    Glad you had a good one.

  3. I'm surprised the Christmas KFC caught on! I just read about it in a post on Japanese Christmas traditions here:

  4. Our entire house is stuffed with chocolate. Even I am sick of it and it takes a LOT for me to get sick of chocolate....


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