Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to Japan

A while back I told you about Arashi, and how popular they are. Well, they have got together with the Japan tourist board and made this video.
I'm a little put out that they didn't include Shikoku (Should Arashi need a tour guide in Shikoku, to get to know the good places for the next commercial, I'm readily available. Offer also extends to SMAP), but I still think it's a cute ad.
I wonder if it's going to work?

PS: Today is my Big Bro's birthday. He's officially 104! OK, no, he's not, but I actually can't remember how old he is, and calculating it forces me to think about how old I am, and you're not allowed to do that on Ocean Day. There are rules on that, somewhere, maybe. Anyway,Kieron, have a lovely day, be spoiled (not by me, that's not how I roll, you know that) and most important, relax!


  1. Your brothers B'day is close to mine....must be similar to me ;)

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  3. Sarah, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! And I will try to relax, but (as you know) that's not how I roll. Can't wait to see you soon!

  4. I hope your brother had a great birthday!


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