Saturday, July 30, 2011


So the British government just spent 2 million pounds on a survey to find out that being happy makes you live longer. D'ya think? I could have told them that, and I would have spent the 2 million on way more fun stuff than those scientists, I can tell you. I would have my own personal sushi chef, for starters. And shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.

Anyway, what other amazing advice did they have?

Limit caffeine and sugar, the crash you get afterwards apparently depresses you. But I don't get that, because ice cream actually makes me happy. And just the sight of those cute Mr Donut rabbit donuts makes me smile. Even if I don't eat them very often. Well, not that often. Ok, so define often.

Be grateful for what you have. Really? They needed to research that? My Mum's been telling me that for years. It usually accompanied that "there are starving children in Africa" rant almost everyone I know was subjected to every time they didn't want to eat their greens. Maybe my Mum was the researcher and they gave her the 2 million. I'd better be nicer to her.

Be a glass half full kind of person. If you're not, watch a DVD or sitcom to laugh yourself to happiness. Actually, I believe this one too. Peter Kay has should be prescribed by the NHS. Who's Peter Kay? Watch this.


Do you feel happier for watching that? I do hope so. He's good, isn't he?

Well, this research might have been common sense for most of us, especially at a time when Britain should really be spending money more carefully, but at least it made me search a Peter Kay video and have a giggle. I wonder if that is actually better than watching the international swimming championships. which is what I abandoned when I decided to look for videos.


  1. I thought Britain was not doing well financially? Then again....when would a country ever be so rich that it could waste so much money telling then what is obvious. Maybe the next revelation will be that water is wet....for a low cost of 1 million pounds in research. Amazing...our Govs :(

  2. Happiness is an altogether complex and elusive beast. I think that I'm happy, pretty much. I agree that sugar is a backstabber. Almost off it...

  3. Common sense with a sparcle of lunacy, thats my recipy for happiness. Golden rule will always help: Never do to other what you wouldn´t want to be done to you.
    They just show how plain they can be by using such money in that...could have done a lot more for more people, lets say, gave it in for cancer research!


  4. caffeine crashes... only one thing helps. I need a cuppa.


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