Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After I move...

After I move...

my new apartment will be an homage to good housekeeping. The washing up will get done with hours of eating and not, possibly, the next day. The floor will be swiffered every day and the ironing will never pile up to Everest proportions.

I will refrain from late night snacking on crisps and other such foods-of-the-devil in front of the computer. In fact, my entire body will become a temple to healthy eating. I may even start eating tofu as a snack, rather than as a punishment for poor diet. What the heck, I may even go so far as to indulge in 5 almonds as a snack/ reward for good diet.

I will use the computer in a wise and sensible way. I will not spend hours at a time checking out ridiculous You Tube videos like Vanilla Ice. I will use the time I have saved doing something edumacational and, possibly intellectual.

I will leave for work/ my Japanese class/ any other appointment with ample time, hence reducing the chance of mowing down old people as I fly through town at high speed on my rusty green bicycle.

I will always leave the house dressed in a carefully considered outfit, and not one based on what was clean and ironed at the time.

I'll always remember to take things out of my bag at night so I don't end up carrying up half a rain forest in my over sized (but hugely fashionable, naturally) handbag.

I will stop getting a bad neck from carrying a ridiculously heavy bag full of stuff I don't need to and from work every day.

I will be a calm, well-organised and helpful roommate, always on hand to be of assistance, and never cranky in any way shape or form.

Yeah right! I'll stay exactly as I am. A bit cranky, disorganised and untidy at times. I'll just live in better surroundings. Can't wait!

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